Planning An Italian Vacation

Planning An Italian Vacation

Italian Vacation

Planning the perfect Italian vacation is actually a dream to some people. Some are actually fortunate enough to be able to afford being able to travel to these amazing and beautiful places. The country offers some really beautiful landscapes as well. The cities have some really amazing steeped history and the beautiful architecture has proven to be some of the most unique and the food is something that I can go on and on about. You will absolutely and easily find a place to eat with a quant and beautiful history around every corner and every single one of these places have some of the best tasting foods as well.

Before you go and start planning a jdl688 trip to Italy, you must decide a few things like what kind of trip you are taking, how many days you want to spend there, how much your budget would be, which places you want to visit and more. Here are some things that will help you on your trip to Italy.

  • You should start in Venice. It is located in northern Italy, and it has proven to be a great starting point indeed. The whole city is indeed impressive, and you can get anywhere you want with the help of a boat.
  • Next, you should head to Florence and how you can do this is, you can take a high-speed express train there. On the way there, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful views and sceneries which you will get very rarely. Florence should actually be explored on foot because it is truly explored when you are not in vehicles. When you are in Florence, make sure that you visit the wineries, the local restaurants and also, more importantly, Tuscany. You are offered some amazing hikes with gorgeous views indeed. You will also have a chance to head over to Pisa and see the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.


  • Once you are done with Florence, you should depart and go to Rome. Here you should make sure to visit all of the historical sites, most importantly the Roman Coliseum, which is a spectacle that used to seat 50,000 individuals. It was also built by 60,000 Jews at the time of construction. You will actually have a lot of activities to do in Rome. One of the best ways to see the entire place is to take a city tour. Take a whole day trip to Pompeii.
  • After Rome, go towards the coast and end up in Sorrento. It faces the Bay of Naples, and it has the most beautiful crystal clear, light blue water. The whole place is very picturesque.
  • Leave to Capri.

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