Uses of network

Uses of network

Do you use the wireless network? Which kind of network do you use for smart glass communication? The technology is growing with the time and new and new inventions are happening in the world that is why people are also want to grow with the time and the time is very important for everyone and the devices or new inventions are introducing to save the time of the people who do multitask at a time. People are very serious about their time and routine.


There is no doubt that the inventions lead to an increase in the possibilities of making the world advance and decrease the efforts of the people. If we talk for an example then a team of people does work in 2 hours while a machine can complete that work within 30 minutes then it is shown that it is saving your time as well as money, so like this, if we talk about the other things like mobile phones, internet, WIFI and too many devices which are used for the saving our time

So in this topic, we are going to read about the WIFI connectivity or network connectivity so if you want to know more than you should stay with us till the end and I will hope the information will be useful for you.


What do you mean by the network?

The network is a kind of connectivity between the two devices. The network is very important for us because it connects us from one place to another place. The network is a kind of invention by which we can exchange our messages within a few seconds and no interruption comes in between the passing message, and you can message to anyone and anywhere in this world that is why the network is a very important thing for us.


Who the network is work?

The network is based on the theory of the wave in which the wave plays a big role and the particles are playing an important role in this. So whenever you pass a message then the message is converted into the wave information and it will land at that place where you want to make it land, and we know that the information waves work on the speed of light so it is an easy medium to transfer the information with speed.


How the WIFI is based network?

The WIFI is a new technology that is newly introduced, and it is based on the network because the WIFI is a kind of short-distance network which is very useful for many purposes. We can connect two devices with this technology. It has many uses now we will discuss it in the few points  

  • Use for transfer energy: – by this technology, we can charge our mobile phone without connecting the wire with mobile
  • Use in transfer data: – we can use the WIFI network in transferring the data without connecting the wires
  • Used to share internet: – by WIFI we can share the internet with other devices

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